Hit maker releases another gem


By Neo Kolane

Rapper Q-Real has just released his first single of 2021, ‘Ba Nrobile Pelo (Ba Nhurrdile)’, which has been receiving a lot of positive reception because well, it sure is a banger.

Love starts from teenage life and into adulthood and part of it is the heartbreaking, everyone has been heartbroken or knows someone close to them who has had their hearts ripped off in love.

In the song, Q-Real portrays a male character who was hurt and has since lost hope in love following a massive heartbreak; he is actually scared to love again.


Born Sekonyela Qaitsane, the artist explained that he just went to the studio and told his producer, Zinkz Dee to compose a nice beat/ instrumental for him, which he did.

“I came up with a heartbreak concept right on the spot as the instrumental was developing and getting nicer,” the 26-year old muso said.

Q-Real, who has been in the music industry since 2017, said the first words he uttered were “ke ne ntse ke se tjena” and everything was built around those words to complete the song.

“It was so easy to make that song because the concept is very relevant and we see such things happen around us where people get betrayed, both men and women, even though the song is from a male perspective.

“However, I wasn’t heartbroken myself, I don’t know about Piigh; but that’s not the point because I am the one who came up with the concept. I have always admired his talent and I thought we could make a good song, different as we may be. He raps and sings a lot in English. He has a very good accent and delivery and I am this hardcore Mosotho, because of that, I thought we could do magic, which we did.

“The song is very big and the reception has been amazing, honestly. It’s been seven days now since its release but trust me, downloads are good and its already making waves,” Q-Real chirped.

He also believes the song has immense potential which he surely will unleash by making sure that it is pushed to the limits, and reaches more people.

The rapper and vocalist acknowledged that it is a good song and unique African sounds blended with Koriana (brand of music).

Although he is known for hip-hop bangers, Q-Real also does afro beats, famo, and trap. “I am quite versatile; mostly I use my native language which is Sesotho.”

He recently told theReporter that he sings about hustling, struggle, love among other concepts. “I always make sure that I communicate things that happen around us.  To inspire and raise awareness with my music.”