Turning trash in to gold


By Kefiloe Kajane

‘Mamoabi Mothibeli, better known as ‘Mapholoana Nthabi, was inspired by people who turn trash into useful products and decided to use her creativity to do the same by turning used tyres into eye-catching interior décor.

‘Mapholoana says she has always had a creative streak since she was young; she would create just about anything at the slightest opportunity she got.

She creates décor tables out of used car tyres which she says it is taking trash and turning it in to gold.


Her idea to make the tables started when she would see people using old materials or things that other people have thrown away and turning them in to nice usable items.

“It was really only natural for me to do it because everyone who knows me will tell you that I love creativity. I already make hats for women so I wanted something that will not only cater for women but for men as well.

“I knew many people loved the beautiful hats I make, so I was like, let me put this different idea out there and see what people think about it. The response was overwhelming; many people shared my work on Facebook and also approached me. I was very happy.

“I think people like my idea, not only because it is such a creative thing to do, but because normally a woman would not be found with car tyres, so that is what makes it unique. There are many things that I am planning to do with this tyres; I will be making other stuff which I would like people to watch out for,” she said.

‘Mapholoana said, to her, this is not only about the business and making money, but also the passion she has for creativity and seeing how she is able to inspire other people the way she got inspired.

‘Mapholoana is available on social media where people can view her products on the page Nthabi Mapholoana.