Song made to provoke feelings


By Neo Kolane

Renowned rapper Dunamis recently dropped a music video titled, ‘Change the World’ from his fourth album UNDEFEATED. ‘Change the World’ is a highly-anticipated collaboration between Dunamis and Axomind.

Filmed in the streets of Maseru and directed by Tśeliso Dube, the music video is more about African countries uniting. The clip brings the perfect visuals for the song as it is an invigorating track about finding oneself and changing.

Flags of different countries are displayed in the music video


Born Retśelisitsoe Molefe, Dunamis narrated that Axomind who is featured on the song is the one who came up with the concept as he was going through a lot in his life at the time.

It is because he is known for his therapeutic music and his greatest achievement is healing the next person who may be going through.

Dunamis explained that the inspiration behind the song was that there are a number of eminent people mentioned on the track, Martin Luther King, Moshoeshoe I and Nelson Mandela.

He said basically they mention every idol, every person who is placed on the pedestal because of the virtue of being themselves and fighting for their rights, from public figures to political figures.

The 40-year old crooner told theReporter that the approach he took on this album was different from his past releases.

Compared to his other album, Dunamis realized it was time to transform himself into a different rapper as he released UDEFEATED, the most complete album of his career with tracks that showed a different side of him.

He further explained that ‘Change the world’ is about the introspection – what people aspire in their own world.

“Change is an inside job, any meaningful change in your life must begin with your heart and mind. Before you change the world, change who you are.

“The song was made to provoke feelings that might not be tapped in every individual. We are crippled by fear but if we tap into the inner feeling, we can achieve anything we want,” Dunamis insisted.

However, it’s worth noting that his latest chart-topping album, UNDEFEATED sold two thousand copies in Lesotho during COVID-19.