Lanie holds on to the DJ sector


By Neo Kolane

Local diva Tlalane Mohale (20), fondly known as DJ Lanie, is no ordinary missy; she is one helluva exuberant chic with loads and loads of energy which she decided to channel into the dynamic, get-up-and-go business of disc jockeying.

This she did when she started learning the ins and outs of the craft virtually under the tutelage of a friend who goes by the name DJ Sparta.

I released a mix on June 25 called Pretty girls and the yanos (Amapiano).


“I thereafter met Dj Zeeper who has been tutoring me on how to play around with the decks and it has been going on very well thus far,” she said..

The National University of Lesotho economics student says as far as she is concerned, DJ’ing could be a hobby to come and a career to others.

“It is something that gives one a platform to learn more about music and give them a chance to actually explore talents on music. It is really a way of connecting on a deeper level with music basically,” she explains.

She revealed that she is learning to play several genres being soulful house, hip hop and others but she specializes in Amapiano.

“So far the support has been amazing, it has been more than I can really imagine, and I’d like to take this opportunity to progress,” she observed.

DJ Lanie expressed gratitude to the people out there who are looking out for her.

“I was even given an opportunity to play at the backdoor lounge last week Saturday and that showed how my effort is appreciated,” she told the paper.

She added that being one of the few female DJs and the first to play Amapiano, she can’t say the competition is really that tight but she is yet to go deep in the industry to actually feel how tight it is from her brothers.

“I have a booking for August and September already and a possibility of playing music this month,” she cooed.

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