Flood victims brought home


By Matṧeliso Phulane

The bodies of seven of the ten Lesotho nationals who perished in the wake of the devastating floods in the Kwazulu-Natal province in South Africa were repatriated into the country last week.

The deaths occurred due to heavy down pours that battered the province earlier this month leaving more than 400 people dead and scores still missing at the time of going to press.

In an Interview with Thabo Motoko, principal Secretary of foreign affairs and international relations ministry, confirmed that to date that ten Basotho nationals were found dead in that incident and their family members identified them.


“Unfortunately, only seven were found while three are still remaining and therefore government of Lesotho has decided to bring them home,” he said.

“The ministry of foreign affairs and international relations has contributed in the repatriation of the bodies back into Lesotho,” he added.

The floods have affected basic services such as electricity, water and transportation and as a result many have lost their jobs and they are stranded.

One of the migrant workers who stays at Pine Town  KwaZulu- Natal, Thelisi Lenoesa indicated that he was grateful that he is still alive even though it has extremely affected their daily lives.

“Lack of electricity has made it is difficult to communicate with our family members back home. Besides that many Basotho have lost their jobs because there is lack of transport accessibility due to damaged roads,” Lenoesa indicated.

Addressing the nation, the South-African President Cyril Ramaphosa described the floods as a disaster of catastrophic as it has caused a lot of damage and left residents homeless.