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By Kabelo Mollo

I am delighted to report that following last weeks reviews, I have neither been accosted in the streets of Maseru nor waylaid by throngs of angry restaurant owners. If anything, all the establishments mentioned in my first review welcomed me as warmly as ever. So, I write this review with the hope that the same will be true for the places I talk about in this edition.

There is a great restaurant that I often forget about, and it’s to my own chagrin. It is aptly named “The Regal” and boasts a menu in tune with its name. It is wonderful Indian food and deserves more patronage from me. It’s perhaps as close to fine dining as we have in the capital city at the moment. No attempts at  lifestyle aesthetics. Just good food, done consistently well. The décor is understated and charming, while also welcoming and comfortable. It’s as good a date restaurant as it is family outing. The butter chicken, dahl makhani and garlic naan bread are top favourites that ought to be enjoyed all together in my view. On a cold winters day there’s nothing like a bit of Indian food to take the chill away. I give The Regal a crowning eight out of ten.

Piri Piri actually has my favourite menu item in the whole kingdom. It is a pork fillet of sorts and while it’s been so long I can’t remember its actual name, I do still vividly remember the moorish deliciousness that was the taste. The French fries are also exceptionally good and the accompanying creamed spinach delightful. It’s a Portuguese restaurant and one thing about those Portuguese is they’ll feed You! They are also exceptionally hospitable and Piri Piri is no different. The pre covid experience was second to none in the capital city. I have been unfortunate on my last couple of visits to find the pork fillet escallopes (there it is) not available. I’m assuming that’s to do with post covid dynamics amid a changing world. Even still, it is a lovely and lively place to hang out. It is homely and well curated. When everything is available on the menu again, it will go back to a high nine out of ten for now it’s a still perfectly acceptable seven.


That about does it for eateries in the capital city. I promised I’d add a review of the various Chinese restaraunts but the truth is, I don’t know their names and in the main I order take away noodles from them so I’m n not best qualified to offer a review. I called them subpar last week and I’ll not be retracting the word. Does a single one of those places compare to the grandeur of China Garden?

The hotel restaurants. I’ll start off with my favourite. The quaint and ever so well priced Lancers Inn. A special place that has been consistent for as long as I can remember. It too is wonderfully homely and has that intrinsic nostalgia about it. It’s a place that says “remember the time you were a kid here with your family” and then when the food comes and it’s as good as it was that time you were with your kinfolk. They do a beef fillet wonderfully and won’t charge you an arm and a leg for it. My father (a part of the furniture in those parts) has also introduced me to the ever so delightful salmon salad, but in truth everything is scrumptious on the menu. From the spaghetti Bolognese to the famous Vals burger. It’s a menu that offers good food and delivers! The service is also of a high standard. All the waitrons make it their business to ensure your experience is a good one. I’ll give a very good eight to the Lancers.

Avani Lesotho has gone modern chic with their coffee shop type experience in the lobby of the hotel. I am a sucker for pastries and sweet dishes so they have perfectly captured my imagination with that offering. The coffee too is good without being amazing. As a combination though, what could be better than pastry and latte? A match made in overweight guy heaven. I have yet to go beyond those menu items so my review is based on a narrow assessment, but I’ll score it a seven out of ten. The new look and pastries getting the bulk of the marks.

My favourite hamburger as I’ve opined before comes from Cater City and I’ve recently learned that their ribs are also exceptional. In all honestly, it is my least favourite sit down place, but I’ll never stop ordering that burger!

Two new places have opened recently. I’ll start with Artisan which is a new fangled minimalist coffees shop cum pizza place. I’m quite fussy about pizza, and can unequivocally state theirs is the best in the kingdom. In fact of all the Pizzas I’ve ever had in my life, and I’ve had many, only Coalition in Parkhurst Johannesburg makes a better dish. It is exceptional. I’d call it world class. Their coffee is also of a high standard and they be pioneered the cold brew cocktail which is an experience ever coffee drinker should try at least once. I tease the owners and tell them they are content creators who happen to own an eatery such is the quality of their promotional material I give Artisan a high eight out of ten. The second place is the ever so popular Iindulge. The menu is very well curated and the experience equally pleasurable. It is a welcoming and enjoyable space that has been put together beautifully! The all day breakfasts are the best in the kingdom bar none. I found the staff friendly and personable too which was great, while the coffee was also very enjoyable.  I’m yet to indulge in one of their signature cocktails, but look forward to the occasion. Iindulge scores and eight as well.

Today’s restaurants come highly recommended! Go try them out