CoviCare guards against colds and flu


By Neo Kolane

Organica Global Brands has introduced CoviCare, a flagship range of phytomedicinal products.

CoviCare trinity pack includes CoviBoost, Covimmune and CoviAid syrup.

Speaking at the event in Maseru on Friday, the chief operating officer of Organica Global Brands Mamotake Matekane said Organica Global Brands harnesses Lesotho’s plant resources to meet Lesotho’s pharmaceutical supply needs.


Matekane said CoviCare is a schedule O herbal medicine range that is designed to offer people symptomatic relief throughout the differing stages of any respiratory infection they might experience.

Organic Global Brands research and development manager Dr. Thuto Tsooana said the range is non-drowsy and can be taken throughout the day.

Tsooana said it is tested and accredited by worldclass scientific laboratories.

“This traditional herbal composition which has been used for hundreds of years by Basotho

“It is not advisable for pregnant or breast feeding women,” Tsooana said.