Minister Spokes adds value to the music industry

Gospel artist Minister Spokes

By Seleoe Nonyane

Gospel sensation Minister Spokes will hold a gospel music seminar for people involved in the genre on October 29 2022, in a bid to grow to the gospel industry in Lesotho.

These include preachers, worship teams in different churches, individual gospel artists, instrumentalists and sound engineers.

Born Poloko Mohlapiso, the 24-year-old successful gospel artist is better known by his stage name Minister Spokes and has taken the Lesotho gospel industry by storm since his entry as a solo artist in 2018.


Talking to theReporter, the young gospel heavyweight said he is hosting the seminar because he wants to shake up the industry in the country.

“I want to nourish and reinforce gospel music in Lesotho,” he indicated.

He said what motivated the seminar is that: “a number of people inclusive of pastors and musicians have approached me seeking mentorship because of my achievements in the music industry,” he said.

He mentioned that he has been mentoring such people on a personal level. However, due to being approached by a lot of people, which proved to be too much for him as they were coming in numbers, he decided to host a seminar where all these people can gather in one place to learn about music.

“I have visited a lot of churches and realized that there is a gap that needs to be filled; some of the worship team members do not even understand what it means to worship.

“I have also learned that artists are demotivated and need some motivation in order to prosper in the industry. Also, there is lack of knowledge of the music industry,” he said.

With these categories, pastors will learn how to sustain music in their respective churches while, instrumentalists will get lessons in producing and coordinating with vocalists in order to become one unit.

Meanwhile, vocalists will learn about the handling of microphones and voice technics.

He hopes this seminar will make Basotho take the music industry seriously.

He said that he hopes that after the seminar the sound at churches will be of great quality and there will be smoother relationships between pastors and worship teams.

“I want to see artists rebuilding their brands, thriving and producing quality music. There will be music experts in our midst, who will also take part in assisting those that will be attending the seminar.”