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Kong revels in EP reception

Rapper Retṧelisitsoe Nthaha – affectionately known to his fans as ‘R.Jay (KONG)’ says the reception that he got for his latest (Extended Play) EP has been incredible and better than what he had expected.

“I was amazed at the reception that I received. What is even more gratifying is the support I got from different types of people that I did not even think I would get support from,” she said.

Kong is releasing his first music video of the hit song ‘FOCUS’, which he promises to be the best of its kind that has ever been produced in the country.

“We are even making a screening for this music video because I want it to be an appreciation to my fans, old and new, who have been there for me throughout this journey with my EP,” he said.

He said the music video screening will be today.

Kong previously told theReporter that he only started recording music in 2013 and since then music has been his dream.

“From the day I entered the recording studio, I knew it was something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life but I just did not have facilities to make my dream come true or even start and say now I am a professional artist,” R.Jay explained.

He explained that the most challenge he has experienced thus far is not being able to get his music out on the larger scale because of financials to release music videos.

“There is a big challenge in terms of getting support from Basotho and that affects an artist because when you do not get support you do not get money and it affects you because that is how you make a living,” he further explained.

He advised young artists like him not to give up when they do not get support; they just need to be consistent in convincing the masses.

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