Gin-charged festive on the cards


Food tourism, experiential tourism and business tourism. All these will come together in a unique mix at the maiden two-day Lesotho Gin & Trout Festival that will roar into life on December 14 at the Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village.

The driving force behind the carnival, GNT Pty (Ltd), is proud to announce the inaugural Lesotho Gin & Trout which will be the first of many festivals to be powered by GNT with a view to promoting and highlighting the treasures which Lesotho holds, and presenting them to the world.

“We believe that tourism is one of the major drivers that can change the economic landscape in our country. We hold a focus on food tourism which is the celebration of different dishes and the culture behind how they are cultivated, prepared and enjoyed. Experiential tourism which is the celebration of places and people and the experiences created when they combine,” GNT spokesperson Mr Gin.

He added: “Lesotho is a beautiful country but the greatest treasure is the beauty of the people. The value of the experience tourists can get is interacting with Basotho in Lesotho.


“Business tourism showcases Lesotho as an ideal destination for sustainable foreign direct investment and development. By fusing the most playful and diverse spirit in the world, being Gin, with our newly found delicacy that ranks amongst the best in the world, Trout, we are creating a medium and environment that will foster celebration, conversation and collaboration,” he said.

The enigmatic Mr Gin said the festival will be the first lifestyle event of its kind. Joining good company with events like the Maletsunyane Braai Festival, the Lesotho Wine Festival and the Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village festival to name a few, the Lesotho Gin & Trout Festival is geared to making Lesotho a major attraction in Southern Africa.

“The event will feature gin tasting by a number of gin producers from across the crafts, gin making and tasting clinics, the International Trout Cooking Competition which has the final cooking round on the final day of the festival, grown-up game zone, live music, kiddies play area, camping and tṧomo’s (fables) by the campfire. We are very excited about the International Trout Cooking competition because many Basotho are very skilled at cooking and this will allow going up against the best and winning some startup capital,” he said.

The festival will be running a tour beginning in October where GNT will visit various locations around the country, offering a taste of the Gin & Trout experience in stunning surroundings.