Film awards back and bigger


This year’s Learners Evaluation and Work Assessment Film and Television Festival (LEAWA) awards are bigger and better – from the choice of venue, the awards, the screenings and the whole event, LEAWA public relations officer Ayesha Khuele, says.

Khuele, who is also the face of LEAWA, revealed that the theme for this year’s awards is ‘Elevating Digital Storytelling’, because they want digital creativity and media to be recognized as one of the industries that can boost the country’s economy.

“It is time that film got recognized, and it is up to us to see to that hence why events like LEAWA are very beneficial to students as the growing film industry in Lesotho and Africa as a whole.

“LEAWA is an annual event hosted by Limkowking University students in recognition of the work they have put into producing their films. This event consists of film screenings, where all films that are nominated for the festival will be shown to everyone at a selected location.”

The student ambassador said the plan is to have the screenings from the May 21 to 22, and the award ceremony will be held on May 23. The venue is yet to be confirmed.

“This festival is organised and run by a selected number of film students who thought it would be a good idea when the film students are appreciated for the work they do, which is an opportunity for them to grow in the film industry.”


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