Police warn bar owners


Bar and bottle store owners will continue to be arrested if they continue to contravene COVID-19 laws and regulations, the police have warned.

The past weekend saw a cat thrown among the pigeons after video footage went viral, of people who went out partying and clubbing despite the announcement of the second corona virus case. Bar owners went on the sell beer and people stayed, drank and dance together without adhering to social distancing requirements which include covering their mouths and noses.

At one bar in Maseru, people were seen exchanging quarts (drinks) and smoking hubbly bubblies, sitting and dancing without keeping at least a one-metre distance between. Bottle stores as well were open for the whole day on Friday, Saturday and Monday.

Speaking with theReporter this week, police spokesperson Senior Inspector Mpiti Mopelis said on Monday, police arrested the owner of Salang Bar at Khubetsoana, and his four employees for contravening Covid 19 laws and regulations. The owner will also be charged with obstruction of justice. 


“The owner ordered the people who were sitting and drinking at that bar to assault the police officers as they escorted people out of the premises,” Mopeli said.

Meanwhile, security agencies have blasted the past weekend’s devil-may-care drunken escapades, noting that people have been nonchalant and reckless enough to go partying and clubbing even though they know about COVID-19.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ezekiel Senti reminded people that the King declared a COVID-19 state of emergency until October 2020, and there were laws and regulations that were put in place in line with the Disaster Management Authority Act 1997 and Public Health order 1979. He added that on May 13 2020 the public health regulations were published after being amended.

“The regulations are still active and people should abide by them,” Senti said.