200,000 Basotho to get Covid19?


Corona Virus (COVID-19) projections by World Health Organisation (WHO) in Lesotho suggesting that over 200 000 Basotho are likely to get the virus are not meant to scare the nation but for planning purposes.

This was divulged by WHO Representative Lesotho, Dr. Richard Banda talking to Communications Cluster under National Emergency Command Centre (NECC) on Monday.

According to Banda, the predictions are WHO models aimed at preparing its members for worst scenario cases. “This does not necessarily mean such will happen,” he emphasized.

However, he is adamant that the outbreak is not over yet and more and more people have a likelihood of having the virus hence the need for all to take precaution against the pandemic which has seen many suffering.

Meanwhile, United Nations Information Centre and Resident Coordinator Offices has also shown COVID-19 messages are being disseminated in Lesotho but the challenge is many people particularly in rural areas still believe that COVID-19 does not exist and that even the existing cases were made up by government to get international funding.

Currently, Lesotho has registered four COVID-19 cases on WHO charts with two having recovered whereas its neighboring Republic of South Africa has a total of 70 038 cases, 38 531 are recoveries and a total of 480 fatalities.


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