Catering company with a difference


By Neo Kolane

Not one to rest on its laurels, catering company Se’Chef Catering and Events has added a new innovation to its operations, which will see the cookery doing house calls and cleaning up after providing a service.

Se’Chef is a family business of five members who have invested in the business to become a top notch service provider in the country with of course one of them, Sechaba Mohai being the chef de cuisine.

Mohai told theReporter that they offer a unique culinary experience to clients and that Lesotho’s catering sector is one of the reasons behind Se’Chef making inroads in the industry, by introducing new cuisines that you hardly find in town or from other catering companies.

The idea of doing house calls started out in November last year, and was inspired by the observation that residents of Masowe are always busy, too busy in fact, to have time to prepare a wholesome meal.

Thirty-two-year old Mohai has always had a love for food and its texture. He would always help his sisters in the kitchen whenever they were cooking.

“Se’Chef has two centres of operation at Ha Tikoe ono the outskirts of Maseru, and Thoteng in Roma. We have provided services to about 20 households since November.”

Mohai stated that during the lockdown they sold pizza, and the demand was so high that they could not meet it at times.

“We have catered for big events such as the Engineering Week that was held at Lerotholi Polytechnic and National University of Lesotho in 2018.

Mohai added that he has also cooked at the Finite Empowerment Awards and the Kwese TV launch, among others.

He has also cooked at various hotels in the country: Maliba Lodge, Crocodile Inn and No.7 Restaurant.

“I want to be recognized nationwide as the best cook. I want Se’Chef to be one of the best events and catering companies in Lesotho.”

The difference between Se’Chef and other events and catering companies in the country is the fine dining and provision of services that are at par with those at posh restaurants.