Politicians squabble while people die


There is mounting evidence that the dreaded highly infectious Covid-19 pandemic is upon us, with the National Covid-19 Secretariat (NACOSEC) this week announcing that Lesotho has recorded no less than 184 cases, and one death.

This is a time for everyone across the spectrum of society to do their bit to fight the further spread of this disease.

Yet it is quite disturbing that, in the midst of such a serious national crisis, some politicians are more preoccupied with making demands and threatening to destabilise or overthrowthe government if it does not accede to their demands to ensure what they want the nation to believe is the welfare of former prime minister Tom Thabane. 

These include expediting payment of his retirement package and scrapping off murder charges against him. What these unscrupulous ‘leaders’ are basically suggesting is that the executive should direct the judiciary not to proceed with the charges. Is this sane behaviour, especially in a set up that is believed to be democratic?


As for Thabane’s retirement package, we do not think it is statesman-like behaviour to be making noise about his own dues, at this particular point in time.

We fully agree with submissions that Basotho and Thabanehimself, should instead trigger discussion on when to pay teachers what is due to them; when government’s service providers will be paid for the services they have rendered; and when wool and mohair farmers will finally be paid for their fibre. Not forgetting health workers at the frontline of the fight against Covid-19.  

Thabane’s pension should be the least of their worries at this time, when Covid-19 threatens to wipe out us out.

With the next elections around the corner, do we honestly think this calibre of leaders deserve our votes in 2022?