DJs cry out for help


By Neo Kolane

The Deejays Association of Lesotho (DJALE) is calling for assistance to help mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected DJ’s in the country negatively as they were among the first people to close shop and probably will be the last to operate.

DJALE is an association of about 215 members which was formed in 2013 by the DJs with the aim to promote solidarity among themselves.

Malefetsane Tsoeliane, also known as Dj Daverts told theReporter that, as an association, they have written to a couple of ministries, non-governmental organisations and companies to intervene in the plight of DJs who need immediate assistance.


“So far we have written to EGPAF, JHPIEGO and PSI after we were told the latter is the one that deals directly Covid-19 relief.

DJ Daverts emphasized that they were among the first sectors to shut down because their profession involves entertaining huge gatherings, which is against the Covid-19 safety recommendations.

“The industry has been left to its own devices; when the government relief fund budget was allocated we were never included or even considered.

DJALE seeks any form of assistance, be it in the form of money or otherwise, because most of the DJs are not able to pay for rentals and are facing eviction from their places of sojourn; they also need food and general essentials like medication and cosmetics. 

“DJALE is going to grow bigger, stronger and most importantly more united than ever as we still adhere to the safety precautionary measures.

Another devastated DJ Mosiuoa Masia, who goes by the name of DJ Ledge told the publication that they actually stopped working two weeks before lockdown.

“We have not been working; there are DJs who are breadwinners and their families and children depend on them.”

DJ Ledge said that some of them were in the process of buying speakers and other related equipment, but that fell through.

“Life is at a standstill for some of us who only depend on big events that are unfortunately not happening anytime soon.”