PR and Brand Network comes to Lesotho


By Neo Kolane

MASERU – In a move to create diverse platforms through which Basotho can connect and work with international brands, other institutions and products, as well as other service providers, PR and Brand Network will soon be opening shop in the Mountain Kingdom, introducing new and exciting economic opportunities.

PR and Brand Network is a digital online creative agency specializing in corporate events, brand innovation, traditional public relations, communication design as well as cooperate social investment and traditional corporate events.

Managing Director Libe Mohale told theReporterthat the idea was born from requests by scores of Basotho to work with him.

“At that time, it was not clear because I was trying to stabilize the company in Johannesburg and trying to see what works and what doesn’t,” Mohale said. 

He added that at the time he was not ready to export products that he had not tried and tested, but that he eventually came to the decision when his own confidence saying “this is the time this could actually grow”. 

“The exposure and the brand strengths I was able to build, which also attracted other institutions that do similar work globally. So it made sense for me to take it to Lesotho,” Mohale said. 

Mohale further explained that the initiative wasgoing to help Basotho benefit in terms of exposure.

He said: “Firstly, it is the exposure we are bringing and secondly the portfolio and what we speak to, and then again, job creation. We are going to localize as much as we can.”

Additionally, Mohale told The Reporter that they already had a graphic designer based in Lesotho and that they would be hiring an office manager, two accounts managers saying “that will be another change, for Basotho to flourish”.

While the lockdowns imposed globally as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic had adversely affected business, Mohale seemed to suggest that for his company it was blessing in disguise as it had afforded them the opportunity “to put things in place”.

“The lockdown has actually given us time to put things in place right now and actually build networksexternally and internally, for the sake of the business and future projects lined up,” Mohale said. 

“The aim is to bridge the digital divide and also bring fresh ideas and fresh ways of doing business as between entrepreneurs with skills, especially for online and digital opportunities mainly through communication, advertising, public relations and brand innovation.”

In conclusion, Mohale shared that they were looking at working with creatives to create content for audiences of all age groups, to bring products specifically tailored for them.


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