Naledi Outdoor Advertising celebrates women


By Neo Kolane

A home solutions company, Naledi Outdoor Advertising is celebrating Woman’s Month by building stronger women together.

Naledi Outdoor Advertising is a 90 percent female run company with a team that’s diverse of women from different paths.

When the doors opened, it was clustered with male dominated business but now is the chance for women to dominate to show their potential to really rise up together.


Its motto is ‘When one door closes another opens it. Together we can’.

Naledi accounts executive, Moipone Mokebe, told theReporter that they believe that when women come together they create magic.

“We motivate each other to grow and are constantly betting on each other and the growth of Naledi

“We offer out-of-home advertising to our clients. We offer billboard advertising, street poles, outdoor branding and printing solutions.

Mokebe said that throughout the years, they have prided themselves on growing sustainable brands, helping clients to be more visible and supporting local business to shine; no matter how small the company or the billboard is big, we will help you be seen and heard.

“We would like to celebrate women in business by offering 10 percent discount to women-led companies to advertise with us on our LED screen located at honeymoon park.”

She added that they would like to encourage women in business to contact them and find out how they can help grow their brand and become more visible.

“Women have been through so much generationally, from GBV to society taking women as secondary citizens; but the world is changing now and we are so happy to be part of the growth. The road is long but women empowering other women is always good to see, to witness, to be a part of.

“Big or small our doors are always open for your out of home needs.”