Nurses to down tools tomorrow


Nurses are threatening to down tools tomorrow (Wednesday) if the government does not pay their Covid-19 risk allowance by the end of today.

In a radio interview today, the public relations officer of the Lesotho Nurses Association Busa Qhala said it is only 10 percent of health professionals who so far have received their allowances.

He said they learned that most of the people who have received the money are people who do administrative work like accountants and human resource staffs.

He said what is worse is that as the associations, they did not get any explanation on why is that happening.

“All health professionals will not be working tomorrow, both paid and unpaid, because we are all one voice. If by the end of today we do not receive the money we are downing our tools; but if we get paid, tomorrow it will be work as usual,” Qhala said


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