Female learners receive laptops


The ministry of education and training, with the support of the African Girls Can Code Initiative (AGCCI), yesterday handed over laptop computers to four high school students as a reward for participating in scientific coding projects.

Only four girls, Bohlale Mosebo from Lesotho High School, Karabo Sefako from Lesia High School, Baraka Kabey from Thetsane High School as well as Mpeo Mahase from Hlotse High School were selected by their respective institutions from April 14-28 this year for a coding camp in Pretoria to represent Lesotho.

The purpose of the coding projects is to teach, encourage and empower girls about coding and get rid of the marginalisation of girls when it comes to technology, which usually sees more opportunities being offered to boys, in the belief that they are more proactive than girls when it comes to technology.

“We were given choices to individually select from four tasks; Robotics, Designing, Gaming and Animation. And each of us was given two weeks to cover the work,” Kabey said.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), African Union (AU), Sustainable Development Goals, United Nations (UN), women and the government of Denmark are the sponsors and supporters responsible for the success of this mission.


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