Road Fund sponsors road works for 2019/2020


The ministry of local government has been sponsored to take responsibility for periodic maintenance of a gravel road in accordance with the mandate of the Road Fund, which is to finance routine, emergency and periodic maintenance of roads.

According to the Road Fund’s statement on its social media platform, the road is from Ha Mofoka to Morumotṧo, and it is 12km long in length. This maintenance was done in order to reshape drainage channels, road formation as well as re-graveling. This project has cost Road Fund M5.7million.

The Road Fund, which is a fund specifically dedicated for funding maintenance of roads, was established by the Lesotho Government through Legal Notice No. 179 of 1995. The main reason for establishing the Fund, like many other countries in the World, was to shift the burden of financing maintenance of Lesotho’s road infrastructure from general taxes collected by the central fiscus to road user fees, and to close the persistent financing gaps that characterized road maintenance prior to the establishment of the Fund.