‘Mamahlape boosts ladies’ confidence


By Neo Kolane

Lingerie is like a love letter to women, it is pretty and comfortable to wear, which is why 26-year old ‘Mamahlape Matsoso has launched a sleepwear and lingerie line for women called MAMI.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa but born in Maseru, ‘Mamahlape, says the business started operating last year and its big announcement was made exactly on South African Women’s Day – on August 9 2019.

‘Mamahlape tells theReporter that it has always been her dream, perhaps since she was 20 years old, but it always seemed like an impossible dream.


‘Mamahlape, who is the former Miss Lesotho 2013, states that lingerie restores confidence in ladies especially when wearing the perfect fit.

“MAMI is a Spanish word that means a beautiful woman and besides that, a friend of mine from Malawi used to call me Mami; those two reasons were enough to name my brand,” she explained.

‘Mamahlape further says she feels very confident when wearing a nice pair of underwear or sleepwear.

She is currently working alone, from designing and sewing all the products; she also handles all the admin and modelling of the brand.

“So I wanted to broaden the market for women of all shapes, and create something that would equally leave women feeling confidence. I have also found myself querying how I would have loved my underwear to look, so I thought why not create my own.

“However, it is more than that, lingerie boosts a woman’s sense of ease with her body, encouraging her to love and appreciate her body more, and leads more self-confidence,” ‘Mamahlape said

She notes that for the longest of times, lingerie has been more linked to women’s intimacy and creates an element of seduction. She reminds women that lingerie is as important as eating everyday.

“You put on good lingerie and you’re confident enough to conquer your day,” she says.

She mentions that the support has been really great from friends and family, she is also starting to get recognition from unfamiliar persons and that is the best part.

As for international standards, ‘Mamahlape has already sold her first piece to the United States of America and she hopes to get recognition all over the world.

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