We commend minister of law


There is a popular graphic doing the rounds on social media which states that, on election day ballot papers reach even the most remote parts of the country. But the same cannot be said of developments.

The rural folks are always forgotten when it comes to development projects. In spite of the abundance of water in Lesotho, rural dwellers have little or no access to clean potable water. They rely on (sometimes unsafe) wells and springs.

The list is endless: health services, schools, safety and security, you name it. However, this week we saw the minister of law Professor Nqosa Mahao embarking on a familiarization tour of Linakaneng in Mokholong’s Bobatsi constituency. He went there to get first-hand information on the operational challenges experienced by the Likalaneng Local Court.

It emerged from his interaction with the officers and community leaders that one of the cardinal needs of the community, and the court, is a police post. Yes, this means there is no police presence in that community.


Reports suggest the minister promptly phone his counterpart, the minister of police, to request her to attend to the problem and avail police officers to that part of the country.

We would like to express our appreciation of this act. In a similar vein, the minister of water has been crisscrossing the country familiarising himself with challenges facing communities, read voters, around the country.

We hope they will come up with suitable solutions to the people’s challenges. And we hope this happens swiftly