Ministry rope in private borehole drillers

Nkaku Kabi

The minister of water affairs Nkaku Kabi yesterday announced that the ministry will be using private borehole drillers to provide borehole taps.

Kabi said because of the many people who have registered wanting boreholes, the ministry is overwhelmed and decided to partner with private borehole drillers to help them with the job.

“Many people register with us for boreholes because we charge lower prices. Recently 5 000 regitsered with us and we thought that we should sit down with private borehole drillers to see if they can do the job

“We have decided to raise our normal charge of M18 000 per borehole to M25 000 tin order to accommodate them. Normally private borehole drillers charge M40 000 so we still wanted to keep the price to be reasonable for people,” he said.

He indicated that this is a temporary arrangement just until all the people who have registered now are done with.


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