Man burned to death


Residents of Tšenola, Sehlabanyaneng this morning woke up to the gory sight of the remains of a man who appeared to have been burned to death by unknown assailants in what is suspected to be a gang war.

Witnesses say they believe the attack happened last night as they recall seeing flames at the scene around 10:00pm, but could not discern what was going on.

One of the witnesses said a resident of the nearby Letsatseng village claimed he knew the deceased and his killers as they had told him to inform the deceased’s family they would find him next to the Tŝenola Chief’s residence.

It is alleged the gang invaded the victim’s home at Ha Tšosane, assaulted him and dragged his body to Tšenola where they burned him. According to Tšenola community members, this is the fourth victim to be killed at dumped at the same spot this year.



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