Trouble brewing at NUL

National University of Lesotho

The management of the National University of Lesotho (NUL) has come under fire for alleged discrimination, poor governance and worthless implementation of online teaching and learning.

To this effect, the Lesotho Teachers and Researchers Union (Lutaru) has petitioned Acting NUL Vice Chancellor Professor Kananelo Mosito (KC) to address of the concerns.

It also argues that the online teaching and learning was arbitrarily imposed on staff and students alike without due consultations and has, as a result, failed to produce desired end results.

“The Thuto Portal, which both staff and students in many cases were unable to access, has proved to be functionally and administratively confused, to the extent that some examinations were either not written according to the exam timetable, or were written at a later time or date or worse still, not written by some students at all.”