Popi revamps her brand


By Neo Kolane

The Covid-19 pandemic, which has brought economic activity to a standstill, has influenced changes to some lifestyles and people have had no choice but to adapt to new ways of living and doing things. Business people, too, have not been immune to the order.

Relebohile Manamolela, the founder and manager of Grand Events has reinvented her events company following Covid-19 regulations.

Fondly known as ‘Popi’, Manamolela wants to position hers as a completely new company in the Covid-19 era; she says her concept also comes from her nurturing, giving and protective nature.


The protection is the highlight she brings now in the new business and it is a selling point because she is Covid-19 savvy.

Life post-Covid-19 in the events arena has meant that a lot of people have had to re strategize and come up with new ideas of doing events.

Popi told theReporter Newspaper that as a company they will be changing even the way they will be advertising, from company logo and to profile.

“We have decided to reinvent our brand from the previous corporate identity which was black and gold to a new identity that is fixed to pastel colours. Pastel colours are pink, champagne, baby blue, magic mint, peach and lavender.

“This positions my brand as ultra-modern, refined and portraying a new look that will speak to the new normal,” she said.

Popi also revealed that the changes are a result of thoughts conceived in the middle of the lockdown when she was sitting idle with not much to do except to engage in long, deep thinking.

“It is not that I was not happy with the company, but like any other business woman I wanted to improve and it was time to develop,” she told this publication.

“As Grand Events, we want to find ourselves not repeating themes at people’s events, we don’t want to be predictable, we want to be dynamic and deliver differently,” she stated.

Popi also added that another reason she wanted to change was because there is another restaurant with a similar logo and colours.

Popi revealed that to further expand her business, she wants to attend exhibitions and courses.

“Our clientele is baby showers, weddings as well as corporates,” Popi said.

Going forward, Popi wants to do destination weddings and manage them.


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