Locally produced gin hits the shelves


By Neo Kolane

Gin is classy, it’s fashionable, it’s personal. There are over 100 gin brands produced in South Africa alone and, therefore, it is a breath of fresh air that a Lesotho company – House of Linford – has birthed the first ever local gin – Senate Gin.

Senate is a London Dry Gin-style beverage – made from Juniper berries and Coriander, infused with wild rose hop and Angelica Root with hints of Shoeshoe.

Neo Sekhesa, a Mosotho woman born and bred in Lesotho says after carefully observing these trends, they decided that Basotho would probably love a gin that is made in Lesotho by Basotho.


Sekhesa also said Basotho have shown them overwhelming support since the inception of our Linford Vodka, so they decided to have a brand with a sentimental value to Basotho.

She stated that Senate is a beautiful name which embodies royalty, humility and power.

“Senate is a very sentimental name to the Basotho nation, so we felt it would be great that the gin has a name as majestic as Senate,” she said.

The biotechnology degree holder from Tshwane University of Technology told theReporter that food processing and food quality control is one of the core modules in biotechnology; she boasts experience gained from working at Simba in South Africa and Food Quality Testing laboratories.

“I knew I wanted to work in the production industry. I didn’t always think of owning a company but when I was unemployed for a year, I decided to turn my hobby (making alcohol for my friends) into a business,” she narrated.

“Linford Vodka and Senate Gin both exist, we merely just diversified our products,” she said.

“Linford Vodka is named after my father, and that makes it especially sentimental to me,” she stated.

Sekhesa explained that Senate was launched on Saturday and she has been getting nothing but amazing support.

“I would say she is ‘trending’. Basotho are ready to order and enjoy the taste that comes with royalty.

She added that Lesotho is a ‘virgin land’, and anything can be tailored to suit the consumer base here, be it gin, whiskey, or rum.

“Yes, we have a target market. Senate appeals to the luxurious patriots, consumers who appreciate beverages with character and persona,” she added.

Senate is produced by House of Linford in Maseru.