Fashion designer dresses local stars


By Kefiloe Kajane

A young woman from the rural village of Matlameng in Pitseng in the Leribe district, Limakatso Mothabi is now a renowned fashion designer, owner of Kima D brand.

A fashion and apparel graduate from Limkonkwing University of Technology, Mothabi started designing when she was in her second year at varsity after she bought herself an industrial sewing machine with her National Manpower Development Secretariat allowance.

Speaking to theReporter, Mothabi said she was initially not aware of her love for sewing and fashion, but as she was studying it, she fell in love with it and knew that she did not want to be hired but to be her own boss.


“I started sewing right after I bought my sewing machine and I was already making outfits for my friends and fellow students. I started creating pieces for people for free as long as they had material, but it became serious when people saw the suit I had made for my graduation.

“People started coming in asking me to sew clothes for them, and that is how my brand Kim D was born. It was challenging at first, not just because of the amount of work that comes with it but the fact that people doubted my capabilities.

“I did not give up as I knew that was what I wanted and knew it was my passion; I was not just doing it for the money. I am able to create anything that my clients want. I do not specialize in specific things; I am flexible,” she said.

Mothabi stitches pieces from traditional wear, wedding gowns, suits and many more fashion luxuries. 

She indicated that she has a dream of owning a fashion magazine and providing many people with jobs.

She further advised other young people to follow what they are passionate about and not do something just to earn an income.

She said being in the fashion industry is hard work that needs dedication, not just a person who is there for a quick buck.

She uses Facebook to market her brand and that is the one thing that helped her business a lot, not to mention the fact that her pieces are neat and unique.