Rapid testing has begun


By Neo Kolane

As announced earlier in the week by the minister of health and ministry’s director for clinical services and head of COVID-19 case management Lucy Mapota, the rapid testing started today.

Long queue of people who are going back to their jobs in South Africa was seen at the Maseru border gate as they had gone to do the rapid test.

On the arrival, theReporter spoke with the district health manager, Moseme Makhele who stated that they began testing at 08:00am and at 11:35am they had tested 107 people.


“We are aiming to test as much as people as we can until the hour of 17:00 when we close,” he stated.

Makhele further stated that it takes roughly 20 minutes for the certificates to come out after testing, but not only an individual but a pool of people.

“For those who tested positive, we council them and test them for the second time,” Makhele said.

Makhele also said that the rapid test will operate forever and further stated that they have enough equipment.

One lady by the name of Mpolokeng Selemo arrived at the border gate at 06:30 am and was number 63 received her certificate at 11:15 am.

She mentioned that the rapid testing is very helpful looking at the situation that there are people who are crossing using mattresses and that is not safe.

“Truthfully, we are in a hurry to go back to work but it has helped us a lot,” Selemo said.

A rapid test costs M170. 00.