Mining sector to continue operations


By ‘Majirata Latela

A government gazette released today shows that the mining sector, mines and massive construction projects are permitted to continue operating during the 14-day nationwide lockdown that comes into effect on Thursday

However, safety measures such as the introduction of Covid-19 testing for all employees on commencement of a shift cycle and onsite accommodation for all staff should be mandatory.

Also, mining facilities should open with Covid-19 negative tested employees.


The ministry of mining’s public relations officer, ‘Makatleho Motseko, emphasised that although mines are allowed to operate during the lockdown, they must all adhere to World Health Organisation safety guidelines while testing staff.

“As for now, according to the gazette mines can still operate and if there will be any changes, the mines will be notified” she said. 

According to reports, last year’s three-week lockdown saw Lesotho’s mining and manufacturing sectors among the hardest hit, as many mines retrenched workers.

Even though many companies extended a helping hand to mitigate the devastating economic meltdown of the lockdown, some resorted to extreme measures such as retrenchments.