Students lose interest in school


By ‘Majirata Latela

The disruptions to learning caused by protracted and repeated restriction of movements has led to many learners opting to drop out of school ahead of the external examinations scheduled to start in February amid stringent safety protocols.

theReporter spoke to high school students, most of whom revealed they are no longer interested in school because of the stop-go schooling.

“I don’t think I still want to go back to school. I have started a business of selling food around Maseru CBD after the first lockdown, and I believe I am in a better place than at school.


“I last laid foot at school in March 2020 and our teachers have not sent us anything to keep ourselves busy or to even keep up with school work,” said Tšepo Chabana who was in Form D when the first lockdown started last year.

Another learner, Maloase Moshaetoa who was in form A last year, has also forgotten everything relating school. Unlike private school students, she has not been receiving any work from her teachers; she thinks this is unfair since her parents have been paying school fees only for them to stay at home.

On Thursday, the ministry of education announced that schools will remain closed for the 14 days of the nationwide lockdown, and examinations will also be postponed.