Highlands Investments Launches Africa’s First Contract Cultivation Offer – Canna-Tract ™


Canna-Tract is Africa’s first contract cannabis growing offering. Canna-Tract offers customers who wish to grow commercial quantities of medicinal cannabis the ability to do so without obtaining a license or investing the significant capital required to warrant a medicinal product. We believe our cost-per-acre model will result in one of the lowest cost-per-gram growing costs, “said Mark Corbett , executive director of Highlands Investments.

With its exceptional growing climate and low production costs, Lesotho is an ideal place to grow commercial quantities of cannabis. In 2017, Highlands Investments (formerly Canopy Growth Africa) received one of the first and largest licenses from the Lesotho government to grow, manufacture, supply, import and export medicinal cannabis products such as flower, oil , distillate and isolate.

Highlands has two locations in Lesotho ; the main location is in Kolojane. More than M520 million has been invested by Canopy Growth, the world’s largest cannabis company by market cap, to develop the sites now wholly owned by Highlands. Each location includes state-of-the-art growing, processing and packaging facilities that comply with international and local regulations. After three successful harvests, Highlands is now entering the fourth growing season, with the harvest taking place in March / April.

With Canna-Tract, companies can grow cannabis according to their specific requirements, under the care of Highland’s highly specialized team of agronomists, scientists, pharmacists and engineers who take full responsibility for the cultivation, harvesting and processing of the cannabis flowers. Customers can select or supply the genetics and choose the shape of the final product (flower or extract). The minimum cultivation area is 0.5 hectares. Various payment plans are available. The plants are provided with RFID tags and are grown under a net house in accordance with GAP requirements. Customers receive monthly growth reports and have access to 24-hour CCTV surveillance. After harvesting and processing, the product is stored in the Highlands warehouse,


Information on Highlands Investments

Highlands Investments is a diversified cannabis business. We cultivate, process and package high quality THC and CBD cannabis flowers for the production of medicinal cannabis products. The quality of our cannabis has been confirmed by independent laboratory tests and is produced in state-of-the-art facilities at significantly lower costs than our international competitors.