‘Village Pope’ alive and kicking


By Neo Kolane                                                                                                        

Legendary Lesotho-born South African-based jazz musician Tshepo Tshola has pooh-poohed reports that he has passed on.  

Social media was abuzz on Friday morning as people woke up to the fake news that the Village Pope, as Tshola is affectionately known, was ‘dead’.

Speaking to theReporter, Tshola revealed that he has been fielding calls since Thursday night, of people from far and wide eager to know the truthfulness of the reports.


“I haven’t slept, it’s been all over. I am very much alive and well, I am not even sick, and I am staying healthy and all I can say to the people is that they should wear their masks and sanitize.

“To those who started the rumours, stop doing this. You are killing innocent people because if they are doing it to spite me, they should know that there are many people who love me. I wish the people spreading such rumours could have mercy on the people that love me,” he said.

Having been in the music industry for close to 50 years, the Village Pope is regarded as a Basotho icon who has a love affair with Jazz and who is getting stronger as the years roll by. Tshola is known for songs like Ntate, Ho lokile and many others