Nacosec could extend lockdown


By ‘Majirata Latela

Despite the lockdown that Prime Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro has put the country through, the rate of infections is said to still be very high, leading to a possible extension of the lockdown.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, National Covid19 Secretariat, Chief Executive Officer,’Malitaba Liataba said since after the Christmas holidays, the rate of infections has stayed between 30-50 percent and that shows people are getting infected in large numbers.

“When we say we have put the positivity rate under control, it has to be below five percent. When we realised that the rate of infections is increasing daily, we advised Prime Minister to impose a lockdown so we can control the already existing infections without having more people getting infected.


“Even with the lockdown, people still seem not to obey the regulations of the lockdown and still roam the streets and if we cannot contain the infection rate, then we will have no choice but to advise the PM to extent the lockdown.

She added that the Covid-19 pandemic requires a delicate balancing act; when they try to save the economy people die at a high rate and when they also save the people the economy is also impacted.