Lesotho in ATU meeting


By Teboho Serutla

As the world and the African continent celebrates or commemorates the #SafeInternetDay, the African Telecommunications Union (ATU) task group is having a two-day meeting on Satellite Resources, which started on Tuesday. 

This project aims to develop a strategy and guidelines that will assist the African countries in the prudent acquisition, retention and use of satellite orbital/frequency resources for the benefit of African people.

According to the Lesotho Telecommunications Authority public relations officer, Tšiu Tšiu, Lesotho – like many other members of the ATU, is still lagging behind in terms of the internet regulations, as nothing much has been done to ensure and verify the safety of everyone on the internet.


Tšiu says apart from this, the country still relies on the old IP version (Ipv4) which could be referred to as the old version while most countries have elevated to other latest IP versions.

He says the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is working with African countries by giving them guidelines on how to develop and apply rules or regulations that should ensure the consumer protection for the internet users in general.

He says a cyber security draft legislation is not yet operational as LCA is still working with ministry of trade to iron out details like maintenance of internet security standards since the internet has become the most crucial platform for communication lately.