Companies collab to host awards


By Neo Kolane

As part of giving back to the music industry, Les Music and Lesotho Music Blog will be hosting their first ever annual LesMusic Awards ceremony on a date yet to be confirmed.

The preparations for the upcoming awards started off with voting of the nominees this past Friday.

Speaking to theReporter, the co-founder of Lesmusic Awards, Malibe Mahao said the concept is not just about awarding, but empowering artists hence there is a collaborative project that will be worked on after the winners are selected.


“This is not about normal awards, but it’s about empowering the industry and bringing the attention back to the local industry instead of elsewhere,” Mahao explained

Mahao stated that the awards date is still to be announced, but they are yet to decide if it will be a physical or virtual event.

Mahao also mentioned that the awards cover the whole music industry and since the realization that Lesotho doesn’t have music awards, they thought it would be best to conceive their own.

The marketing director of LesMusic, Litśitso Sibolla, explained that Lesotho Music Blog has been in the industry for some time, identifying talent, writing about music, trying to gather as much information as possible in a blog format in order to bring attention to the music industry in Lesotho.

Sibolla further indicated that LesMusic, as a company that also designs websites, undertook to publicise and host the awards on their own website, but on an extended page.

“We have been working jointly to find sponsors, contact artists and become the focal point of the awards,” Sibolla stated.

We intend to bring a new way of doing things, because these awards are going to be broadcast and streamed live on the website.

Both companies want the awards to be at a very world class level, in order to show the world that Lesotho too has talent and is awesome in the entertainment industry.

Khethisi Victor Motsiba, known by his stage name Lu Srenk, says he knows about the awards because the awards organisers reached out to him about this wonderful idea.

Lu Srenk is nominated under Mixtape of the Year category for his second project called ‘The Roped’, a mixtape which was released in September 2019.

“I think these awards are a breath of fresh air. As a country we needed things like this after the Ultimate Music Awards came to an abrupt stop. A few years from now the whole game would have changed for the better as people will get to discover new artists, music and videos,” Lu Srenk told this publication

He added that he feels like these awards will motivate many people to work hard to make the nominee list.

“All in all these awards look set to inspire the whole environment industry.”

People are allowed to vote as many times as they wish.