Bad debtors caught out


By Neo Kolane

In life there are those folks who are quite adept at racking up debts in practically every corner of town only to vanish off the face of the earth when it’s payback time.

Now, these peeps who make a living from evading creditors have met their match in the form of ‘Oa Nkolota’, a reality programme brought to you courtesy of popular online channel, Lilaphalapha TV in partnership with Strong Arm (Pty).

The show entails tracking down the swindlers who take advantage of other’s good heart, and making sure they pay their dues.


Lilaphalapha TV approached Strong Arm Pty Ltd in October last year in connection with ‘Oa nkolota’, which premiered yesterday.

Strong Arm (Pty) Ltd is a 2017 debt collection and events security Lesotho company providing VIP protection at events.

In an interview, the man behind Lilaphalapha TV, Bofihla ‘Neko, stated that the show is called ‘Oa Nkolota’ because it helps people recoup what is due to them.

“Lilaphalapha TV just chipped in to sell their services; the debt collectors are simply showing the people that if they have a bad debt they need to recover, it can be done either on or in camera,” ‘Neko explained.

He also disclosed that the concept conceived by his creative team a long time ago, and it is tailored in a manner that exempts Lilaphalapha TV from possible lawsuits.

“We simply help the company with marketing. A lot of people have approached us as Lilaphalapha TV, and we have intervened on their behalf, such that the defaulters have actually paid up. 

“It is a sad reality of life that there are people who owe and take advantage of others; these people tend to vanish into thin air knowing they won’t be found,” ‘Neko said.

If a debtor does the disappearing act, Lilaphalapha TV takes care of the situation and we track them down. There are people who are disrespectful, who live in a pool of debts. Some people have gone to the police to report such incidents, but it is not their responsibility to chase after debtors

‘Neko also said that with this show they are going to help a lot of Basotho because there are scammers in the country, who they will find.