Company pursues film industry development


By Neo Kolane

In a move aimed at bridging the gap caused by the absence of movie theatres in Lesotho, Film Sector Groundbreakers (FSG) has set up a film club programme in Maseru, that is aimed at bringing together the film production community and members of the general public who have an interest in watching films and making film.

Film Sector Groundbreakers Lesotho is a registered company based in Maseru with the sole objective of facilitating film industry development.

Speaking to theReporter, the national programmes coordinator of FSG, Rantsatsi Mokeki revealed his desire to make the nation aware that the last cinema that was at Pioneer Mall closed about five years ago.


“That is one of the challenges faced by the film industry in Lesotho; we do not have platforms where the general public can watch new films for leisure in a public space,” he said.

In addition, the club will organize social events of film screenings, facilitate networking opportunities for their members and invite film and television industry gurus to run workshops.

FSG will be hosting the launch of the Maseru Film Club in April this year during its first film industry shakeup workshop which will be led by South African film producer, Aubrey Silinyane and three young Basotho film sector guru’s – ‘Mamokone ‘Connie’ Liphoto, Habafanoe Letsosa and Khetsi Rapita.

“Registration began in February 11, and in just three days of opening of registration for membership, the two coordinators have been inundated with over 170 requests for registration forms and have just passed 100 in terms of submitted registration forms,” Mokeki added.

“TV is limited to the home environment and lacks that public feeling, so this programme will see Basotho who love watching films congregating in public spaces for the sole purpose of viewing and enjoying films.”

Mokeki also stated that above all these film clubs are meant for film the production workshop, networking with filmmakers and actors across the country, or in short, to promote and develop Lesotho’s film industry.

“People of all ages can join, but we would appreciate if we can have kids not younger than 13 years old, Mokeki explained.

Residents of Maseru can choose from four branches; Ha Thetsane film club, Maseru Central film club, Khubetsoana film club and Main South 1 Road film club.