Police recruits fiasco – Minister attempts damage control


By Kefiloe Kajane

Following an uproar sparked by the much-publicised deaths of police recruits last week, the minister of police and safety, has come up with a bland statement basically aimed at reassuring the public that there is no need to panic.

Over 600 recruits arrived at the Police Training College on Monday last week, and just a few days later, reports started coming out, of trainees dying under mysterious circumstances.

According to official reports, four police recruits – three females and one male – have lost their lives.


Minister ‘Mamoipone Senauoane confirmed in a subsequent statement that, contrary to widespread reports, the recruits had undergone mandatory medical examination, including Covid-19 testing.

Even though weekend media reports suggested that five of the recruits are pregnant, Senauoane said only one recruit was found to be pregnant and has since been released.

“The ministry is working hard to ensure that the remaining recruits are safe, while we try to establish the cause of the deaths. The ministry passes its condolences to the King and his government, the families of the deceased and the general public,” Senauoane said.