Consultancy plugs the experience gap


By Kefiloe Kajane

With the high unemployment in the country, many young people find themselves stranded without a job. When job opportunities do avail themselves, lack of experience more often than not proves to be an insurmountable challenge.

That’s where Linda’s Consultancy comes in, the company is owned by Setsoto Ramatla, a young business administration graduate who is passionate about sharing her experiences and creating opportunities for other young people.

Ramatla has herself worked as a waitress and in the retail sector, before founding the consultancy company which provides young people with training that prepares them for different jobs in service delivery.


Linda’s Consultancy started operating last year, but already Ramatla has trained people become receptionists, waiters retail assistants.

“In my time as a waitress and a shop assistant, I would assist with the training of new staff members. That’s when it dawned upon me that I was actually quite capable of teaching people and sharing my experiences with them.

“People would come to me individually asking me to train them and I would. After a while, they would tell me they had scored that job they had had their eyes on. Then I decided that maybe I should start my own company and do the training in a structured and organized manner. 

“We train people individually. Sometimes they come in groups. We also work with companies that want to train their staff so they can improve their provision of service. I wish many companies that provide services could realise the importance of training their staff. It makes them more efficient and profitable,” she said.

Ramatla is very much gratified by the support the company and positive feedback the company receives from clients. She says nothing is more fulfilling than seeing people she has trained excel in their respective field of work.

“We train both males and females. Linda’s Consultancy offers more than just training as we strive to instill the highest level of confidence in our clients as they go about taking on the world.

“We seek to build healthy relationships in workplaces. It goes without saying that excellent service goes a long way towards harnessing harmonious relations between the employer and the employee.

“Efficient service provision is important because it places your company head and shoulders above the competition. In future, we hope to open branches in the other districts. Of course we are also harbouring hopes to branch out internationally one day,” Ramatla concluded.