Resort holds construction course

Image by Martin Schultz

By Neo Kolane

Afriski Mountain Resort recently hosted its first training course on the introduction to Earthbag Home Construction.

This was facilitated by the A2B Transformation Movement, an unparalleled personal development initiative, striving towards optimum human responsiveness.

Thirteen students attended the course which took place from the February 1 to March 8, 2021.


The course instructor from Afriski, Johan Smit explained that Earthbag home construction is a low cost green construction technology that is durable, cool in the summer and warm in the winter, a method of home construction that blends into the landscape of Lesotho.

“All 13 students graduated and are now skilled in the development of Earthbag home construction projects throughout Lesotho.”

One of the students, Neo Rankhoana stated that the whole experience was phenomenal in that she did not only gain eco-construction skills but other social skills such as team work, coordination and leadership skills.

“Having this opportunity present itself to me has moulded me for the work environment as well,” Rankhoana said.

“The students developed perseverance, working as a team in harsh weather conditions and they are excited to have developed these skills to take forward,” Smit explained.