Why we should all worry about climate change


Around the world, people are experiencing both the subtle and stark effects of climate change. Gradually shifting weather patterns, rising sea levels and more extreme weather events are all clear and devastating evidence of a rapidly changing climate.

The impacts of climate change affect every country on every continent. They’re creating unprecedented challenges for millions of people already burdened by poverty and oppression.

The increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events like hurricanes, wildfires and droughts threaten the world’s food supply, drive people from their homes, separate families and jeopardize livelihoods. And all of these effects increase the risk of conflict, hunger and poverty.

Visible evidence and climbing numbers demonstrate that climate change is not a distant or imaginary threat, but rather a growing and undeniable reality.


The situation is dire. Climate change has become a climate crisis.

Lesotho is no exception. We have all witnessed this change in weather patterns: extreme heat, irregular and destructive rains, irregular snows and early frosting among others.

Luckily, the country is making progress towards adapting to climate change and mitigating its impact. However, it all depends on everyone to demonstrate the political will. It is not just the responsibility of the ministry of energy alone. It may develop the national policies and guidelines, but the country needs a multi-sectoral approach to address this problem. This is a battle that requires coordinated efforts from all quarters.