Fokothi braces for big opportunity


By Kefiloe Kajane

The ministry of tourism, environment and culture, Lerotholi Polytechnic and Djon Design will sign a three-pronged Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), effectively bringing into force a renewable three-month agreement towards manufacture and delivery of exhibition-ready furniture for the Lesotho National Museum and Art Gallery.

This was announced by Lerotholi Polytechnic. It explained that the agreement will also help provide training of Basotho youth in the manufacturing and maintenance of museum equipment through a structured programme.

“The specialized nature of the museum exhibition furniture makes this MOU particularly interesting for all the parties involved. The ministry will now have a pool of local artisans skilled in the production and maintenance of this specialized furniture. Currently these skills are being sought from as far afiled as Cape Town.


“Lerotholi Polytechnic will work with a world-class specialized design outfit, offering learners’ rare skills which would have otherwise not been possible without this providential opportunity.

“Lastly, Dijon Design will leave Lesotho confident that a pool of local talent exists, that trained artisans are available to handle future maintenance and re-design needs of the Lesotho National Museum and Art Gallery.”