Video visuals making waves


By Neo Kolane

Lu Srenk’s music video of the song ‘Dip’ which, has an element of both torture and seduction, has so far garnered 1 900 views in less than six weeks on YouTube.

This is the highest number of views he has ever amassed, with previous music videos having failed to break the 1,000 mark.

Usually, plenty of artists use music videos to simply generate buzz or rack up streaming numbers. But on rare occasions, a music video can revitalize a fledgling single, introduce a new aesthetic era or act as a vehicle for deeper self-expression.


When a song is paired with the right spectacle, it has far greater potential to be absorbed by a large number of the culture.

Born and bred at Naleli, Berea, Lu Srenk (real name Khethisi Victor Motsiba) said the concept of the song was inspired by a story of ‘young gents’ who have not been to a club for a while. But when they go there, they meet girls whom they have fun with and then head home together.

 “When they get home that’s when these girls show their true colours upon realising that the boys are under the influence of alcohol, and start seducing the boys,” he added.

The music video that was shot at Club Yugo located in Katlehong and Winzah Winzah Guesthouse in Naleli took about three weeks to complete.

Lu Srenk explained that it is because of the COVID-19 protocols and curfew that they were forced to shoot scenes separately.

Born on August 11, 1999, the rapper explained that the video is highly interesting. He said the word ‘Dip’ is a slang which means leave, go or run. It is just part of the hip hop vocabulary.

When asked about the qualities of a good music video, Lu Srenk – who calls himself as a music lover – mentioned a proper storyline and concept: perfect directing with a properly selected cast. The list could be endless but most importantly it has to be edited precisely.

The sensual visual for ‘Dip’, filmed in Lesotho, is as silky smooth as the song itself. One comment on YouTube describes the product as ‘well laid out’.

The other great thing about Lu Srenk’s videos is the recurring cast of characters who are his friends. The dip music video was directed by Lu Srenk, Thorii and one Brutal, all of whom appear in the video.