‘Factory owners bribed police’


By Neo Kolane

Police officers have been accused of receiving bribes to protect employers at textile factories when workers engage in any form of industrial action.

A worker at Nienhsing International Lesotho (PTY) Ltd who took part in Monday’s protests which resulted in running battles with members of the Lesotho Mounted Police Service, claimed to have witnessed police officers receiving loads of fried chicken and beverages from her employers this morning.

The woman, who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, told theReporter that workers have always wondered why there is always a heavy police presence at the factory whenever there is a protest. 


This was corroborated by another worker who claimed to have witnessed similar gifts on Saturday afternoon. 

“The cops were travelling in a vehicle with Thetsane Police branding, which means they are indeed stationed at Ha-Thetsane. This is a common practice. I have seen it happening at my previous workplace where the employers would bribe police officers like this to protect their interests.”

This publication tried to get some of the cops at the scene of the riots to comment but they declined, saying they were too busy. Attempts to secure a comment from assistant police spokesperson ‘Mareabetsoe Mofoka were also unsuccessful as her phone was continually ‘busy’.