Mohasi stitches for Hlogzie


By Neo Kolane

Maben Mohasi started Hlogzie Stitches in 2017 with the aim of giving the consumer what they want because Hlogzie Stitches pays attention to the smallest details.

Mohasi gets the stitching right all the time.

In an interview with theReporter, Mohasi said that her clients prefer going to her because the quality she gives people is good, in reasonable prices and a fast turnaround time.


Hlogzie stitches is a clothing brand where one finds fun in creative accessories to jazz up the consumer’s outfit and everyday consumables.

Hlogzie Stitches started right after Mohasi resigned from a freelance job which she regarded receiving the income was too different apart.

She went to Nala Market where she managed a stall of a friend of hers and made proper sales.

“The next coming Nala Market, I produced my own and I bought my own stalls and made 400 of them each costing M200.

The third time she went to Nala she made about M1,000.

The money she made at the Nala Market boasted her business and she ventured into making business cards which led to people asking for items.

Later on a Facebook page was opened and money started rolling in, in large amounts, that resulted to people seeing things on social media and requesting her to make their own choices.

 The 30-year old said that there is competition but she does things different saying it is just a matter of what the consumer wants.

She revealed that people come to her when they want earrings made from Seshoeshoe.

The Ha Mabote born and bred revealed that what stands out for her business is that she trained about three people of which she had to let go because they don’t get the stitching right.

“The versatility of my business is one thing that stands out because I have a wide range of products. I have over 10 different styles of earrings for instance.

“My products are hand-made with the simplest tools and they are tedious as well as being good quality.

Her family who reside in South Africa always get her things that help her craft to the next level.

Last year she introduced a new range where she used beads to make earrings.

“I did that because I could source from outside of Africa, it makes my products neat because of the good quality.

“I sell mostly to Basotho who live outside Lesotho,” she said.

However, Mohasi says sourcing materials is a problem because their market is competitive remarking that it is easy to get but no so easy to stay in.

That leads to Mohasi having to reinvent her products all the time “because consumers buy with the aim to undo the earring to so as to copy the same thing.

“Every six months I reinvent my products,” she revealed.

“Finding skilled and willing people to work with is another challenge. The might understand the concept but not willing to endure making the product,” she said

She revealed that there is a lot of demand coming from outside the country, a huge chunk of them are in demand as some customers want products for their boutiques.

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