Reatile to contest for Miss Culture crown


By Neo Kolane

The reigning Miss Culture Lesotho Reatile Molefe is set to represent the country at the Miss Culture International in November this year.

Reatile is expected to finally relinquish her crown during the much-awaited Mr and Miss Culture Lesotho pageant to be held in March 2022 during the King Moshoeshoe Film Festival. Fifty-three female contestants and 23 males have registered for the upcoming event in March 2021 and are being eliminated periodically until March 2022 when there will only be 12 females and 12 males remaining to battle it out in the final showdown.

In an interview with theReporter, Reatile said one thing that inspired her was seeing how confident beauty queens were.


“Since I lacked a bit of some confidence I decided to hop in and start building up the self-confidence I had always wished for and dreamed about.

“And guess what! I’ve built so much confidence over the years and I’m proud! Oh! And this is actually not my first appearance as I have been involved in some in the past,” she said.

The 19-year old beauty queen revealed that she is getting all the assistance she needs from the Beauty Pageant Association of Lesotho (LBPA) and Film Sector Groundbreakers (FSG) with the photoshoots.

“With my upcoming boot camp, I would say all in all I am prepared already; as a matter of fact, I was born ready,” Reatile said.

The director of the King Moshoeshoe Film Festival, Aubrey Selinyane told the publication that Reatile has met the criteria for suitable candidates which include amongst other things age, being a citizen of the country she is representing and meeting all the administrative requirements.

Selinyane said that the management of FSG will be working with her and the BPAL to support her in her journey which not only involves participating in the event in November, but also to build-up programmes such as national casting and boot camp that will be held in South Africa.

The reigning Miss Culture will also travel across the world and visit over 50, 000 school children, members of business and cultural organisations.

“She will be a routine guest-speaker, a custodian of culture, high fashion-wearing, smile-bearing example of the diverse beauty and intelligence,” Selinyane said.

Miss Culture International is a platform created to empower and showcase beauty and fashion talent globally.

Its head office is in Cape Town, South Africa, but it operates in other countries in Africa and globally through national directors.

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