Making bath time a memorable experience


By Kefiloe Kajane

Resourceful Moratuoa Yasmin Sesinyi is the proud owner of Black Dot, a cosmetic company that produces wellness bath salts.

She says she was inspired by her love for beautiful warm scents especially during bath time.

In an interview with theReporter this week, Sesenyi said she had yearned for making skincare products. Finally, she founded Black Dot in August this year to fulfill her longtime dream and love.


She said she spent a lot of money buying bath salts, gels and many other skincare products. That prompted her to think twice and begin making the products.

“I also love (Do it Yourself) DIY projects so I believe it was only a matter of time for me to try making some. I make bath salts with high quality essential oils that are proved to have healing properties. There are currently three scents in our collection. We have lavender luxury bath salts, made with a range of salts including Himalayan pink salt, which is known to have 84 minerals including those essentially needed by our bodies like potassium, magnesium, iron and many others.

“There is also eucalyptus and camphor bath salt, our bestseller, made with essential oils that help ease flue symptoms and promote relaxation to tense muscles. We also have the baby of the family, lemon and rose botanical bath salts, it has not been introduced to the public yet but it will surely be a favourite. They are good for purification of the body and getting rid of excess dirt. Again, it is rich in ant-oxidants that are really good for the skin,” explained.

Sesenyi studied Analytical Chemistry at Vaal university of Technology, which focuses on analysing and testing samples. She pointed that it is due to the chemistry background that she knew where to focus and research.

She said her studies were a huge advantage when it planning to start her business as she was conversant with prioritising the health of clients.

 She is optimistic that in the near future she will establish a high quality cosmetic brand for both small and large retail stores locally and internationally.

 “The reception has been quite good and I receive a lot of support from a lot of people, including those outside the country. Although bath salts have been introduced and used for decades, it is still quite a challenge for most people to understand how they work.

“Especially for my range, I have gotten a lot of messages from people enquiring about whether the bath salts will heal certain ailments. So I believe I have to work extra hard on my marketing and educate people that these are not medicines but are intended for the specified purpose,” she said.

Black Dot products can be found on her number 57936165.