Friends cage their love for animals

The two friends in the building up of cages

By Neo Kolane

A 22-year old Lillo Moiloa and the 24-year old Tšepo Ncholu have grown their friendship from school and are currently running a business, all for the love of animals.

The second year agricultural engineering land and water management students make animal cages for rabbits, dogs and chickens.

Their business focuses mostly on agriculture because it aims to create awareness on the important role played by domestic animals.


Moiloa explained that he met Ncholu in 2020 and at the time the latter reared several rabbits. The two merged their gifts as Moiloa was taken into the play by his love for woodwork.

Moiloa took advantage of the handicrafts studies he did while in high school. Later, he pursued the craft at completion of Form Five in 2017.

The Ha Masana resident concluded that him and Ncholu clicked immediately because they shared a lot in common.

“We currently do not have a name for our business but we have a name in the pipeline that we cannot disclose as yet.

“We also want to develop it into a company,” Ncholu said.

He explained that both do not have a stationery place as yet hence they visit their customers.

He also mentioned that the cages are manufactured depending on the interest of the customers.

“I design the structure looking at the safety of the environment at which the customers live in and while Moiloa does more of the basic need like cutting,” Ncholu said.

Ncholu told theReporter that him and Moiloa both have great love for animals.

“We do rabbit cages because we want to see the growth of rabbits in the country.We also would like people to have them in large numbers,” he said.

Currently, the two are currently based in Leribe.

Ncholu has rabbits and chickens while Moiloa has domestic ducks and turkeys.